August 21, 2014

Six Ways to Help Kids Develop an Interest in Missions

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By Brenda Zook


Have a personal mission focus. A mission focus is kind of like a broccoli focus or a read-a-book-instead-of-watching-TV focus. It greatly depends on…the parents. You want your kiddos to love broccoli? You've gotta eat it! You want your sons to love reading books? No point in just talking about it, you have to read. In front of them. Prioritize reading. Take them to the library, read aloud to them, make time for reading…oh, I digress…but not really. If you want missions to be important in your family, missions should be important to you. If you say mission work is important but skip the missions focus Sundays at your church. If you toss the mission report letters in the trash unopened. If you make a major contribution to the building fund and throw a fiver in the missions offering, your kids are going to get the message you are modeling, not the one you talk about. So, the first, best way to raise kids with a heart for what God is doing around the world and in your community is to develop a heart for what God is doing around the world and in your community. No, that's not a repetitive typo. Reread. You want them to have it, you have to have it. If you don't, ask God to give you a heart like his. God is always willing to do more in our lives than what we are willing to have him do. So, ask…and hang on for the ride.

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August 19, 2014

Where Are They Now? RMM asks REACH alumni: “What is your new mission, post-REACH?”

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A Homegrown Mission

By Beth Hooley

From December 2011 to August 2012, I lived on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand with a REACH team of five girls. While there, I had the privilege of working in a classroom for children with special needs among other ministry opportunities. Although I’d known I wanted to work with children with special needs before REACH, this experience showed me that it was something I would deeply enjoy, and it fueled the passion that God had placed in me years before.

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10 Tips on How to be Inclusive of Children with Special Needs

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Respect. Treat and talk to children with special needs with respect. Do not talk down or use a condescending tone of voice; talk to them the same way you would to any child. At the same time, be clear and avoid using figurative language (such as “it’s raining cats and dogs”) as this may be confusing to a child who takes these phrases literally.


Person First Language. One way to show respect to people with special needs is to use person first language. This simply means you put the person before the label. Instead of saying “an autistic child” or “a special needs child” say, “a child with autism” or “a child with special needs.” This shows that you are focusing more on the person than the disability.


Interact. The biggest mistake that adults make when they meet someone with special needs is failing to interact with them. The same rules of polite conversation of adults to children are applicable when the child has special needs. First, introduce yourself. Depending on the child’s special needs, it may be necessary to take the child’s hand or place a hand on the child’s shoulder to make a proper introduction. Then explain the activity that you will be doing with the child. Explain the different steps of the activity, including the beginning and the end, while making as much eye contact as possible. Some children may not be comfortable with making eye contact and should not be forced to do so. This is not necessarily a sign of inattention.

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August 11, 2014

Toward a Clearer Understanding of Church Planting

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By Nathan Olmstead

“All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:18-20).

My belief is that we have been guilty of over-thinking “church planting.” We have made complex what was intended to be simple and, in the process, have formulated an unbiblical and unhealthy view of our God-given responsibility and mandate as Christians which is to “make disciples.” My heart is not necessarily that we would remove the phrase “church planting” from our vocabulary, but that we would have greater understanding of its biblical implication.

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Getting to Know…Pablo and Judi

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Pablo and Judi have lived in Granada, Spain as RMM workers for the past six and a half years. Previously, they served in Ecuador and more recently pastored at Shiloh Mennonite Church in Plain City, Ohio. Here they share some of their heart for their friends in Spain and a taste of their daily life as expatriates.

*Note: Last names omitted and names of friends removed for security reasons.

Where are you from in the U.S. and who is your sending church? How do you stay connected with them?

In Spain when someone asks where you’re from, they mean, where were you born? For Judi and I, that’s Kentucky and Michigan, but Judi has also lived in Maryland and Virginia, and I’ve lived in Florida. We met in Costa Rica, married and lived in Ohio, moved to Ecuador, then back to Ohio, so we’re from a lot of places! Our sending church is Shiloh. We stay in touch through Pastor Brian and the people on our Missionary Support Team via a weekly e-mail update. We also visit the church on our bi-annual home assignment.

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August 07, 2014

Missions Day Offering tops $296,000!

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A big thanks to the Rosedale Mission Cruisers (Neon Green) and Ride for Missions (Kelly Green)
We praise God for the generous response to this year’s Missions Day Offering. As of August 4 the grand total has exceeded $296,000! The following components are all significant pieces that combined to make up the grand total:

Ride for Missions = $150,341
Rosedale Mission Cruisers = $12,096
Lead gifts from Touchstone Donors = $100,000
The offering received at Conference = $34,108 (includes contributions received at the RMM office designated for the offering)

Grand Total = $296,545

Thanks to all who contributed in one way or another to the offering. We rejoice in knowing how many lives will be impacted for Christ as a result!

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August 06, 2014

Transformation and Mission

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L-R: Yolanda, Alejandro, Omar, Dion and Naty (leaders of the church home group), Anabel

Jesus Did What Only Jesus Can Do

Last month Janice and I had the privilege of attending a special wedding. Weddings are always special, but this one was extra special.

It wasn’t extra special because it was in June, of course, since June is the most popular month for weddings.

It wasn’t extra special because the service itself was perfect. It was supposed to happen in a beautiful park, but unfortunately it rained—really hard!—right when the wedding was supposed to start. Most of us got thoroughly soaked, and since the storm was in no hurry to move on, we ended up moving on. The reception hall did double duty that night.

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August 04, 2014

A Call to New Frontiers

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By Ethan Mast

Is your home fully dedicated to the Kingdom and what the King wants to use your home for? Is it set aside for Kingdom purposes?

These words, spoken by Jay Martin* on Missions Day 2014, joined with a chorus of Conference speakers calling CMC families to reach out with their homes. Jay, RMM regional director for the Mediterranean, addressed his question to three groups of people: those called overseas, those called to stay where they are, and those called to migrate to nearby urban areas. The overall challenge was particularly for more urban migration.

What if we went and lived in the pockets of immigrants who have come to our world? I think that’s something Jesus would do.

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August 03, 2014

Taste of Missions 2014

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By Candice Mast, RMM staff writer

Thursday night at CMC Conference 2014, Naumburg Mennonite Church. The theme of the 104th Annual Conference was “Faithfulness in the Home” and a prominent thread that ran through the meetings was how our families and homes can be extended out to include others and bring them to Jesus. RMM’s Taste of Missions program featured stories from our “extended family” in both local and international missions.

Wayne Yoder, ride coordinator, spoke about Ride for Missions (RFM), which is an annual event to raise money for RMM as cyclists collect pledges and bike to Conference. This year, the ride grew to 85 riders and 20 support people. Wayne emphasized that the ride is to raise money, but that’s secondary to the fact that we as Christians are called to be missionaries wherever we go. Riders have a chance to share about missions and also to fellowship together. If you can ride a bike and enjoy it, Wayne encourages you to come along next year! Marlin Ebersole, RMM board member, talked about the first year for Rosedale Missions Cruisers (RMC); eight persons rode motorcycles to Conference and were blessed with a good trip. Along with RFM, the goal of RMC is to invite the world to meet Jesus and to bless him in all they do.

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July 24, 2014

A Simple Act of Kindness

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By Amy*

I backed my scooter out of the carport and prayed that it would start easily after sitting idle for three weeks. Thankfully it started right up so I didn't have to face the embarrassment of sitting by the side of the road trying to start it while the school children sauntered by. We had just returned from our visa trip and I needed to stock up on groceries again, so I headed to the market. I drove slowly and relished the cool morning air, but not the speed bumps in the alley that I tried to ease over. As I turned toward the market, my eyes drifted to the hill climbing steeply up from our town nestled in a valley. That view always takes my breath away. Then my eyes quickly came back down the hill to scan the road as I began to navigate the crush of people, motorbikes, vans, and minibuses that surround the market, the center of life here. I was eager to see the people that, in the last year, I have come to know and enjoy chatting with every couple of days. These beautiful people have been my teachers as they have helped me learn "These beautiful people have been my teachers as they have helped me learn more language, the names of various fruits, vegetables and spices, and have helped me learn more of the culture of my new home."more language, the names of various fruits, vegetables and spices, and have helped me learn more of the culture of my new home. It felt good to look forward to reconnecting with the people even as, at the same time, my nose was revolting at the smell of the rotting vegetables that is a part of the market experience. As I pulled my scooter into the "parking lot," I looked for the kind parking man who always helps me find a place even when it looks impossible to me. Instead a young guy came up to give me my parking tag. "Hmm, that's odd," I thought, "he's always here, except around lunch time when I've seen him take a break. Maybe it's his day off." So I went to order my usual flat of eggs and continued on to find the rest of the things on my list.

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July 11, 2014

Seeking Applicants for an Administrative Assistant in the Finance Department

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RMM is seeking applicants for an administrative assistant in the finance department. Primary responsibilities of the position include receipting/depositing contributions and assisting with various accounting tasks. The ideal candidate is someone who is detail-oriented, good with numbers, and has computer experience. This is a full-time paid position with a preferred beginning date of mid-August 2014. Initially the position will be based in the Rosedale office but will move to the Rosedale International Center in Columbus late 2014/early 2015.

For more info or to express interest contact Mim Musser, HR Director, at (740) 857-1366 or

July 09, 2014

9 Ways to Support a Single Mission Worker in Your Life

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By Danielle Opel

Danielle served as a missionary intern in Thailand for two years. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio and is making plans to return to Bangkok. Here she offers a few suggestions for ways to build up single mission workers. Her advice for singles: “Singleness is really a gift if you choose to let it be. Grow. Be happy.”

As a worker in Thailand in my early twenties, I struggled with being single. Loneliness and insecurity were constant companions. I struggled with the feelings of low self-worth. I happily congratulated friends who had found their special someone, all the time wondering when it would be my turn. Being overseas made me feel like my chances of meeting someone were next to impossible. My Thai friends were always making comments about how I would be so much happier if I had a boyfriend. While these feelings are not all unique to single workers, I think some single workers share similar feelings. Following are some ways you as supporters can show you are behind them and truly care!

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