October 22, 2014

Praise from our friend Pon

By Tom,* RMM Asia regional director

Pon is a young Laotian friend who came to know Jesus through the RMM team in Bangkok. Several years ago he returned to his home country and now lives in the capital city, Vientiane. He's gotten married and he and his wife, Nam, are expecting their first child in February! God has been blessing Pon in many ways over the last few years. During our recent visit to Laos, Pon excitedly shared with us about how he's seen God at work in and through his sushi business. When he started selling sushi, he wasn't sure that he could make it work. He had only a little capital and even less experience, but he prayed a lot and asked for God’s guidance in all the decisions he had to make. In the past year Pon’s business has begun to grow quickly. He’s opened a second kiosk and in the near future will open a shop where he will sell sushi and other Japanese food. He's quick to give God the credit for this and said that he prays about everything – even small details like the design of his logo. Praise God for all the good gifts God is giving to Pon and pray for continued wisdom for him in managing his business and hiring employees. Pray that those who work with him would be drawn to God through his witness.

*Last name omitted for security reasons.

October 15, 2014

Update from Sarah and Josiah

Excerpted from newsletter. If you would like to receive regular updates from these workers in North Africa, contact the RMM office at info@rmmoffice.org to be added to their mailing list.

School is off to a good start for our three oldest children! We're grateful for a smoother start this year and for some budding friendships for them. Thanks to all who have been praying for them!

A dear friend lost her mother several months ago. She invited us to join her family (“in place of my mother,” she said) during the Feast of the Sacrifice (Sunday), the high holy day of the Islamic year and an important time when families gather following the loss of a loved one. It's also a day of a lot of work, and both our help and presence seemed deeply appreciated. Join us in praying for this family’s peace.

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October 13, 2014

Greedy for Jesus

By Tom,* RMM Asia regional director

My first trip to one of the most densely populated countries in Southeast Asia was even more intense than I had expected. I’ve never been anywhere so crowded, noisy, or generally overwhelming! My introduction to the city was an auto-rickshaw ride that covered 15 kilometers and took nearly two hours in the blazing afternoon sun. At the time, I was sure that I’d never been so hot in my life. Later I discovered that the traffic never really gets any better and that the heat, noise, and smells are a normal part of life in that amazing city.

I only spent one week in the country—not nearly enough time to begin understanding life there. But I was able to spend a lot of that time with our team of national workers, Hiralel and his wife Bindu* and Protap* learning more about their ministries. I saw some of the many challenges they face, but also some exciting glimpses of what God is doing through them.

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October 07, 2014

Shining the Light of Jesus on a University Campus

By Nixson and Rhonda*


After an intense day of class, I left the classroom building and headed to the dorms. I was planning to go rest for a while before doing my homework, but on the way to my room I passed many of my friends who asked me to go the fitness center with them. My desire to build a relationship with my friends and show them the love of Jesus was greater than my desire to rest. So after changing out of my school uniform, I headed to the fitness center, where my friends were waiting for me. After working out for a couple hours, we went to eat supper together and had a good evening of sharing with each other. Instead of feeling tired, I felt reenergized after being with them. I headed to my room to get ready for bed, but more people came to see me in my room. They just wanted someone to talk to, someone who could listen and give them advice, someone who was willing to just stay up late and watch TV with them. So before going to sleep for the night, I spent a few hours talking and sharing with my friends in my room.

I started studying at KBU in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010. My goal in studying was to prepare myself to get a job in Thailand in the future, but even more than that, my goal was to have a ministry on campus. I will always remember the first people that I got to know at the university. I was far away from home and missing my family, and many of the other students were also far away from home and missing their families. One of the first people I got to know became one of my best friends.

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October 01, 2014

The Unbelievers

By Phil*, RMM worker in Malaga, Spain

The recent release of the movie "The Unbelievers" is noteworthy, not from its huge box office success, but because it highlights a significant cultural phenomena of relevance to Christian witness in the West. The movie features spokesmen for the new atheism movement that is attempting to rid the world of the remnants of pre-scientific beliefs, especially religious beliefs. Unlike the old atheism of the previous generation, the new atheism does not lament the passing of theism due to the enlightenment attained through scientific inquiry, but rather sees this as an important development on humanity's road to a better corporate life together. Christian witness in modern western society thus finds itself on the defensive. "Christian witness in modern western society thus finds itself on the defensive. It is seen as representing an inferior, antiquated belief system that is actually holding society back from making progress."It is seen as representing an inferior, antiquated belief system that is actually holding society back from making progress. The new atheism is less tolerant about allowing religionists to continue to harbor their outdated beliefs. Religious beliefs, since they are not based on empirical evidence (as the secularist sees it), are uncertain and at times dangerous. Society is better off without the error and fanaticism they engender. The new atheism thus questions the propriety of allowing parents to keep on inculcating these erroneous religious beliefs in their children. Richard Dawkins, a leading voice in the new atheism movement, asserts that this is a form of child abuse. The future is shaped by the present education of the young and so it cannot be left in the hands of the religionists who are seemingly spurning the scientific worldview.

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September 24, 2014

City Challenge: Crossroads

By Brittany Troyer

Crossroads. We all experience these in our lives.
Some may seem small and insignificant and others seem overwhelming and life-altering.

As we in the SEND Department were developing the theme of “Crossroads” for City Challenge, we were thinking about all the decisions a young person makes during their high school years. I remember in high school, especially as a senior, feeling stressed out anytime someone would ask me, “What are you going to do after you graduate?” Up until that point, my life had pretty much been decided for me. Now I suddenly needed to have a plan for my life. Was I going to go to college and get a degree? Continue at my job? Go on a missions trip? There are so many opportunities out there that it can be overwhelming to try and pick just one!

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September 19, 2014

Introducing Tiffany Troyer: Finance Department Administrative Assistant

We’d love for you to meet the new administrative assistant in the Finance Department, Tiffany Troyer. Tiffany lives in Plain City, Ohio, and is a member of Shiloh Mennonite Church. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and has worked in the past both as an accounting clerk and as an administrative assistant. Tiffany has been on several short term mission trips with her church and youth group to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Ecuador. Tiffany was interested in the position at RMM because the job description fit her experience and education and for the positive work environment. She loves RMM’s focus on “inviting the nations to worship Jesus.” In her free time, Tiffany enjoys reading, playing softball on a community co-ed team, and hanging out with her friends. Thanks for your prayers for Tiffany as she learns the details of her job!

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September 16, 2014

Partnering in Missions with the Nicaraguan Church

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Participants from the Boaco Adentro Seminar.
By Dan B.*

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19

How is the church in Nicaragua to carry out this command when the nations (ethnic groups) that are unreached are so far away from them? This was the topic we discussed together this June and July in the eight regions where Mennonite churches are located in Nicaragua. Pastors, church leaders, and interested youth gathered for one-day seminars on missions in each of the regions to look at what the Bible teaches us about what the church is to be doing in missions and to discuss what this means specifically for the churches of Nicaragua. Altogether more than 350 people participated and there was a lot of discussion—especially on how the churches should respond to this challenge.

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September 12, 2014

Introducing RMM’s New HR Director

By Candice Mast, staff writer

RMM welcomes Colleen Maust as the new HR director as of September 1. Colleen is from Leo, Indiana and Carrol Community Worship Center. She has a long history with RMM, beginning on a REACH team to Israel in 1996, following a year at Rosedale Bible College. After REACH, she served a two-year term as an RMM intern in Ecuador. As she reflects on that experience, she says that God used that time to test her missionary calling and she learned a lot about her ministry giftings. God confirmed to her through her time in Ecuador that he was calling her to longer term mission work. Colleen attended Grace College and earned a BA in Counseling/Psychology and a master’s degree in Intercultural Ministry from Grace Theological Seminary. During seminary, Colleen returned to Ecuador for field work related to church planting and cultural research. During the years that Colleen was discerning with RMM where and when to go into long-term service, she worked in her home area at a crisis pregnancy center, primarily with Hispanic clients.

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September 08, 2014

The Beauty of Mosaics

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By Paula Shore*

Paula and her husband Art are RMM workers among the immigrant community in the Waterloo region of Ontario. God is opening up many opportunities for them to live among, learn from, and love their neighbors from around the world.

Having lived in the Middle East for a period of time, I have come to appreciate and enjoy mosaics, the beautiful images and designs made from small pieces of different colors. These wide varieties of minuscule pieces combine to tell stories which widen the world of the viewer. Our multicultural neighborhood, too, is a mosaic of many cultures and races and we feel privileged to be a surrounded by this diverse richness.

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September 02, 2014

Ride for Missions 2014: Thanks for Supporting RMM!

September 01, 2014

Fundraiser for Cassia Olmstead

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Many of you have been praying for Nate & Denise Olmstead (RMM Church Planting Team Coordinator) and their five-year old daughter Cassia who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer. She recently started chemotherapy and they continue to need your support. If you would like to help cover some of her medical expenses and other costs associated with her care, please visit www.rmmweb.org/cassia, or send a check made out to “Naumburg Mennonite Church” to:

Olmstead Fund
Naumburg Mennonite Church
PO Box 124
Castorland, NY 13620

Naumburg Mennonite Church is also holding a fundraiser for Cassia on Friday, September 19 from 4-8 p.m. if you live in the Upstate NY area.

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